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weigh ins

Thinking about doing Insanity but I’m worried I may not be in good enough shape to do it yet. Thoughts?

45 minutes of Turbo Jam and 30 minutes of yoga. :) Feeling pretty awesome right now.. Plus various bodyweight exercises. Gonna sit down, eat, and watch some Supernatural.

3 pop pilates videos done and 10 minutes of Hip Hop Abs. I wanted to do the whole video but for some reason, the site I was using to watch it on wouldnt load past 10 minutes. :(

So I didn’t do pilates yesterday but I did do a Hip Hop Abs video. And it was fun but the guy was kinda annoying. Lol. I think I’m gonna try another one of his videos today along with some pilates. It felt good to exercise yesterday!

Dad’s birthday party went good. Only had one small piece of cake, no ice cream. But they had cooked this big huge heart attack on a plate meal. :/ i ended up eating one of his onions. So good but sooo bad. And some dried beef strips with cream cheese. But nothing else! So proud of myself for that. :)

Back to work tonight. Fun fun. Have a great day everybody!

Just did 30 minutes of pop pilates. I loooove pilates! I just wish I was better at it and could hold form better. It’s just so difficult for me. :/ Work tonight. Eating today has been off. Processed, processed, processed. I don’t have many excuses. Just been feeling rushed for time all day long. Back to my old routine tomorrow and I am ever so excited for that! Ever since Jeff got his job, everything has been all out of wack and so not what I’m used to. I hate CHANGE.

Working out my exercise schedule for the next week!!!

Distance: 1.75 miles

Duration: 30 minutes

Pace: 17 minutes a mile

Calories burned: approx 281

Not bad considering I hadn’t done it in over a month. I enjoyed it. :) Definitely need to do it more often.

5 minute warmup with 30 second runs and 1 minute walks. No cooldown. :/ thats bad but we were already back to the car and the boys were tired so I decided we just needed to go. Still feel satisfied with what I did.

Time to workout while the kids are distracted!  :)

Time to workout while the kids are distracted! :)

Did first day of week 1 of Ripped in 30. I was nervous about doing another Jillian Micheals dvd because of what 30 day shred did to my knees but this one is so much better on my knees. It was hard but I enjoyed it.

Woke up and I am so sore all over from the pilates I did yesterday! It feels wonderful :)

I haven’t exercised in what feels like forever. The roommate is outside working on Jeff’s car so im going to do a pilates video I found. :)